Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

It's been a long time since I had ventured into Lush. I have always said I wanted to try the 'Dragon's Egg' as it is the bathbomb I always say smells amazing, yet it's the one I never end up buying.

Dragon's egg retails at €3.95 and is worth every penny. The bath bomb smells of sherbert and citrus fruits, it's very sweet and relaxing. It comes shaped like a dragon's egg, hence the name in a white colour.

Once dropped into the bath it begins to fizz and spin around the bath. It seems too fizz for a very long time and is very entertaining as there's a lot in it. At first it just turns the bath a milky white colour like the outside of the bath bomb. Eventually little coloured jellys come out of it.

The woman in the shop told me as I was buying it that there was gold glitter in it and I was actually hesitant to believe her. Once the water reaches the middle of the bath bomb it turns orange and so does the bath. I was not expecting it at all. It also started making popping noises and gold glitter did come out. It left the bath a dark glittery orange shade, completely contrasted to what it started as.

This bath bomb is full of surprises and is the most interesting bath bomb I have tried before. If you haven't tried this before why not give it a go?

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