Lilac Breeze | Outfit

It's starting to get chilly and breezy as we approach the colder months, and although I hate the cold weather I love colder weather fashion, jumpers and scarves are just too cute! I started wearing jumpers again and got a new warmer jacket so I thought it was time to start posting more winter-y outfit posts. 

Jacket | Only
Jumper | Vintage
Jeans | Miss Selfridge
Shoes | Converse X Miley Cyrus

What's everyone else wearing in the colder months?

Lush Haul | September 2018

It's no secret I love Lush and I ran out of a lot of products recently, and I use a lot, so a haul was something that was so needed. I run out of bath bombs a lot quicker than other things because you obviously use them all in one go but I did pick up a few new pieces and older favourites, I am putting some of the products that I've never tried before in a separate post to do a better review of them, but here is the bulk of what I bought. I didn't buy this stuff before the new Halloween stuff arrived in store either, but I do know I will be picking some of those up too.

The first thing that I picked up was my favourite bath bomb of all time, Intergalactic. This has been my favourite for about two years and no other bath bomb has topped it yet. I love the mint smell and how relaxing and bright it is. I love watching the colours swirl in the bath and the colour that it leaves the bath with is amazing, and watching the glitter float around it is so pretty.

The next product is the classic Charity Pot, I have gone through so many pots of this stuff. It's super moisturizing, not sticky, soft and smooth on the skin. The best part about this product is that they donate the money from purchasing (minus tax) to charities that are on the packaging.

The next thing I purchased is Scrubee, which is a packaging free body scrub. This is so soft due to the shea butter and exfoliating scrub within leaves skin fresh and new feeling. This is my favourite scrub that I have tried from Lush, I also really like scrub scrub scrub, and I know that they have released some new ones recently that I need to also try.

The last thing I purchased is the Think Pink bath bomb, this bath bomb smells really sweet with vanilla undertones, and I love how vibrant it is. It is also a very glittery bath bomb and it's a wonderful colour in the bath, perfect for when the days are looking a little more dull.

Has anyone else tried anything from Lush recently? What would you recommend?

Salou & PortAventura | Photo Diary

If you know me then you'll know one of my favourite places to go on a holiday to is Salou, Spain. I've been about five times growing up and fall in love with it every time that I go, it's a beautiful city, with so much to do and amazing weather. One of the places I always visit and love to go to is the PortAventura theme park, which is a beautifully themed park with an array of rides to suit every age. I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos in a photo diary as they all make me so happy. 

This is the view of the park when you first enter, giving you a view of the park's top attractions, Shambala, Dragon Khan, and Hurakan Condor.


 Just like Disney and Universal, you can meet characters on your travels around this park, such as Woody and Wendy Woodpecker, Betty Boop and Seasame Street characters. 

Ferrari Land opened last year and is a new theme park which has the tallest roller coaster in Europe, Red Force. In the second photo is the Shambala which was previously the tallest coaster in Europe.

 Views of Shamala and Dragon Khan, the tallest coasters in the park.

 This is the pool from the PortAventura hotel, and the best waffle that you will ever try. 

 This is the view from the entrance at the other side where you can see attractions such as Furious Baco, and Red Force in the back which is part of their new theme park Ferrari Land, the second photo is from the Wild West themed area.

Has anyone ever been here before or would like to visit?

University Tips and Advice

I have just graduated from University this week, which is crazy, and although I am going back, I always enjoy reading tips to get me through the toughest part of the year, at the beginning, I thought that I had enough information over the past three years to share my tips with people just beginning or starting their education journey. 

Being Organised
My number one tip for beginning University or college is to try to be organised, I know this can mean different things for everyone. For me at the start of the year it helps me become more motivated to buy new stationary and planners to keep myself organised and on time to every thing. Taking notes is one of the most important things for me, whether I read back over them or not is not so important, writing them down helps me remember and learn things. I'm a very visual learner too so I really like having my notes neat and different notebooks and folders for each class. I know that will not be for everyone as there are many different ways to be organised. 

Keeping On Top of Your Work
This is something that I don't always follow but it's very important so that things don't pile up and that stress doesn't build. I always make sure that I try to have my assignments done at least three days ahead just so I'm not leaving everything last minute and it also means I have enough time to fix it if I need to and in case a printer has a melt down, there's a lot of things that can go wrong. As I studied English I had a really big reading list, as a lot of other subjects do, and a lot of time it's almost impossible to get it all done but the best option is to pick the ones you think you need the most and skim read others. Also keeping on top of readings means that you can get the most done out of a huge pile.

Pick Things That Challenge and Interest
Sticking to the point of reading the most important texts, always pick the classes and texts that interest you the most, if you have a choice, as the more interested you are in the topic and text, the more you will be interested in working on the essay or assignment. If you also have a choice in essay/assignment topics I would always say pick the one that you think is the best originally as I think your gut instinct is always right and it does help. 

Campus Activities
Depending on where you attend there is going to be different activities and things to do when you're not in class or studying. I personally don't take part in a lot of clubs and societies on campus as they are often on quite late and I don't live near campus but I know a lot of people that make really good friends and have a really good time partaking in these activities. One of my favourite things is to go to guest speakers talks and go for lunch and exploring the town during breaks from class. Having a good balance from studying and taking a break is the best thing to do. 

I know it's a bit early for exam advice but during the year there is always hints as to what might be on an exam and to write these things down and look out for them throughout the year and not just at exam time will really help when preparing to study and studying. Some classes may have exams all year round and not just at end of term so getting enough sleep is one of the best things that you can do before hand and is relevant all year too.

I'm sure I have missed out on a lot of things that I can talk about but if you need any specific advice or tips on anything just leave me a question in the comments and I'll try to answer as best I can! 

The Body Shop Virgin Mohito Body Scrub | Review

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know that I am very interested in vegan and cruelty free products and brands and the Body Shop is one of my favourites and recently I've been trying to only buy cruelty free and vegan products as I am vegetarian. I decided to take a trip to the Body Shop and treat myself and I bought the Virgin Mojito body scrub, which smells like lime and mint. I don't normally like scents like this but I fell in love with the scent when I smelled it, it's so fresh and citrus-y and probably now my favourite body scrub scent I own. 

The texture of the product is jelly like but soft, and it contains micro beads which burst on the skin and add some extra texture and scrub on the skin. The size of the product is good and is going to last a long time and I love the feeling of freshness that it leaves on the skin.

I would consider getting this product again or even the same one in a different scent.
Has anyone tried this before? What do you think?

Lush Turtle Bath Bomb | Review

It's been a while since I've tried a new Lush bath bomb. I bought the new Turtle Bath bomb recently and forgot that I had it for a few weeks. I loved the idea of it, and it promotes the threat of plastic in our oceans, and the threat that it causes to our marine life. Turtles think that the plastic floating in our oceans are small fish and jellyfish that they can eat and it can suffocate them and harm them. It's a serious problem and we all really need to think a lot about how much unnecessary plastic we use and how we can reduce it in our daily life. 

When I went to use it I realised that there was some sort of mould or discoloring and I assume it was the way that I was storing it and it probably means that it should be used sooner after purchase rather than later. It says online that the bath bomb is a jelly bath bomb but the one I had did not feel like a jelly bath bomb compared to the other ones that I've tried from Lush. It has a very natural and earthy scent, that I liked originally but after smelling it a few times it smelled a little too over powering for me. The shape of it is very cute as always Lush makes their bath bombs look great before and after put in the water.


After placing the bath bomb in the water it fizzed up completely very quickly and I did like the colours that it produced they're very like the ocean and the earth blending together in a mixture of blue and green swirling shades. The scent faded quickly after dissolving which I didn't mind as I began to dislike it.


Overall I was glad I tried this bath bomb and I love the idea behind it and the subjects that it promotes but the bath bomb itself was disappointing and not my favourite, I probably wouldn't purchase it again but if you're a Lush fan I would try it yourself to make up your own mind on it, as although I disliked it, I still think it's a nice product, as Lush product always are.

Has anyone else tried this yet? What are your opinions?

Colour Counterpart | Outfit

I always think that Summer means a lot of outfit posts and although it does, I always forget to take them, even when I have great outfits on. Although I've been working almost every day this summer and a lot of my outfits are not the summer outfits I've been looking forward to wear all year but I love when I do get a chance to enjoy the sun and wear cute outfits. I'm getting to go away again at the end of the year and I will get a week of that and sun so I am very excited and hopefully will have a lot of content after. I saw this wall while out exploring last week and realised that the colours on the wall matched my rainbow shirt, and I'm a sucker for a painted wall. 

Outfit Details
Shirt | New Look (Similar)
Trousers | River Island (Similar)
Shoes | Nike 
Bag | Primark

I have a lot of colour in my wardrobe this summer and I'm loving it, what has everyone else been wearing to enjoy the nice weather?