Someday Summary | 26.10.15

I'm currently sitting in Starbucks and even though it's only 9am I want to write something. I know if the caption is a 'summary' of my day that should entail that it's the end of the day but I guess it doesn't have to be as of now, I'm really good with logic. I just want to write random things and give myself a purpose to be honest.


  • Since it's almost Halloween, I did the first spooky thing of the year yesterday by carving a pumpkin, probably the only spooky thing I'll do this year. I never do dressing up scary very well but I'm a huge fan of horror films and Halloween in general. I wish Halloween was as big of a festivity as Christmas is, it just gets over looked and it's sad. I do think pumpkin carving is such a cute and fun idea though. It smells a bit pungent but it's okay it looks super cute once you put a candle in it. All my pumpkins end up looking happy not scary, even if I tried.
  • I'm currently tracking the Dublin Marathon online and watching where Jack is, sounds super creepy. I think it is pretty scary though how I can see exactly where he is. I'm cheering him on from here,  he'll most likely see this later so hi you're currently on 3.9m at 32:32 whatever that means. Looking at the Marathon map is actually so daunting but I would love to do it sometime, even if I just walk it. I salute all you Marathon runners, go you.  
  • I should probably be doing some college work but I'm currently trying to update all my social medias, ie my blog. I have written about my first few weeks of college but whether I post it is another thing, it's a bit of a rant, surprise surprise.
  • I had a really good weekend catching up with family and friends and it made me really happy. 
  • To add to this half Halloween themed post, I watched the Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time yesterday, and it's really good. I'm always so behind on must see films. I think the actual plot was missing a lot of things but what it's lacking the music makes up for. The fact it's a musical makes the film ten times better. It's my current Halloween soundtrack. 
  • In other Halloween film news I went to see Crimson Peak the other day, I actually planned to see Pan but howsoever. It was less creepy and more morbid. It was very gruesome and  my type of horror is more paranormal and supernatural. I think the reason I thought it was good was because Tom Hiddleston was the main character. Either way most horror films are not the best anyway so I don't expect much.

Anyone doing anything nice for Halloween? 

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