Autumn | My Favourite Season & Outfit Post

The season of colourful leaves, bright scarves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes is upon us. How typical blogger did I sound right there? Autumn is genuinely my favourite season because you get to wrap up all the time and be cozy but it's also not too cold, even though where I live you'd sometimes question that statement. You get to wear dark lipstick all the time, my favourite thing ever, and drink lots and lots of warm beverages.


When the trees get all colourful and the ground becomes a beautiful mess of leaves and noise, I feel so happy to be surrounded by nature. Even though Spring should symbolize growth and new beginnings when all the new flowers grow and animals give new life, for me seeing the tree's and plants decay and start to begin again makes me feel happier to watch. I do realize I sound a bit morbid there but there's something so pretty about watching nature do its own thing. It behaves in its own way and I love just seeing it happen.

I'm really excited to do some more Autumnal and Winter-y posts, so hopefully I have the ideas and time to do them soon. For now I'm going to post some Autumn outfits I've been wearing recently. I wear a mix of pale and dark colours, although mainly dark most of the time, dark lipsticks and scarves are essential. 


How is everyone else finding Autumn so far?

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