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It's been a long time since I've graced the internet with muffled thoughts and unpopular opinions. Don't get me wrong I love social media and how connected it brings me to the people and things I love. It's a wonderful phenomenon but I think it's really easy to get caught up in the virtual world and forget to live your real life too, well I do anyway, I could be odd. Recently, in the past week I've been feeling very strange towards social media and how I feel there is a constant need to impress others, myself and even seeing it in other people.
  I do notice that I spend way too much time scrolling through the likes of Instagram and Facebook and looking into other peoples lives and wishing I had a certain outfit or item. Sometimes this makes me feel a lot of pressure about how I live my life and also what I should be doing to impress others. This isn't true ninety percent of the time, I love reading what other people have to say but sometimes it feels like too much. It's like a sensory and visual overload and I think I need to be able to step away from it a little more, especially if it makes me feel negative.

I think sometimes I'm more susceptible to letting other people's greatness make me feel unnecessary and underachieved but I know it's also the fact I'm not an over sharer while other people are to an extent. I think it's about time I stopped getting so caught up in the parts of the internet that make me feel inadequate, like if I saw a really pretty person and compared myself to them, I need to learn not to do that and not feel like I need to be better than others. I don't normally see things as like 'competition' but if I feel really low then I take things like that, I'm not sure if anyone can relate at all I'm not expressing this clearly.

I never feel pressure writing or reading blogs it's like a different atmosphere completely and it's a good kind of social space like all the time so I don't think I need to limit my blog usage. Yet on other platforms I'm making it a priority to cut down on wasting so much unnecessary time scrolling through things that aren't useful to me and are taking time out of my actual day and making me less productive than I should be.

Anyway, over the next week I wanna decrease my internet time and test how it'll affect my life/mood just as sort of a test to myself to see how it makes me feel because I know I can't go anywhere without my phone glued to my hand and I feel disconnected not using the internet for an hour. I wanna be more aware of my surroundings and try and get my head back in shape and in order. Then I shall hopefully have some new, fresh blog post ideas ready. I'll see what happens and if I can manage it.

Anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by Social Media and it's good and bad effects?

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