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I think I've become obsessed with denim pieces over the past month, is it a bad thing though? I don't know what inspired me to want a denim a-line skirt but I've been looking for a really nice one with buttons for ages, such a random thing. Up until recently I haven't been much of a skirt wearer, but now I am obsessed with a line style skirts and the way they sit on your figure. I think I was inspired by Clara Oswald in Doctor Who who has the most amazing skirts and I always watched it thinking I love her fashion I need to find some really nice skirts. That's when I went out to find a skirt I'd actually wear on a daily basis, I'm really good at telling anecdotes.


 I got this skirt in New Look for twenty-five Euro which isn't too bad. It's high-waisted and I got it in  size up from what I am because they didn't have a smaller one and I thought it would be fine for stuffing woolly jumpers into like this one. It is a little bit big but I think a smaller one would have annoyed me for tucking things in anyway. I love how dark the denim is and that it's the perfect length, not too long or too short. I think it's somewhat classy and stylish and adds a bit more effort into an outfit that might otherwise look a bit mundane.

Does anyone else have a denim skirt or loving a-line skirts recently?


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    1. Thank you lovely! <3


  2. This skirt is so cute! I've had my eye on denim skirts for a while now but I always feel like hey really don't suit me when I try them haha. I love how you styled it!

    Brianne xo

    1. Thank you! Really? I feel like they suit everyone I say they would suit you so well! :)