Ocean Salt | Lush

Lush and their skincare products have become my savior. I've only recently ventured into their skincare range rather than their bath products and I'm loving them a lot if not even more. I bought this face and body scrub mainly to use as a face wash to replace the ones I own which do nothing for my skin.


I actually really wanted this product because of its smell, am I wrong? It smells like limes and citrus and also smells really clean like the ocean. It has a huge amount of salt in it which I've heard is good for your skin. The product is said to 'soften your skin' and I do feel like it does this but it is a bit harsh on your skin at first. The salt particles against your skin cleanse the dirt and get rid of all the dead skin cells and you need to do it gently in order to not hurt your skin in the process. It leaves your skin feeling super super soft and clean and it's very refreshing.

I love this product and it leaves you and your skin feeling fresh like you've just after coming from a refreshing swim in the sea, which I love. It helps me feel closer to the ocean when in reality I live miles away.

Has anyone tried this product before? 


  1. I've been meaning to pick this up for ages, it sounds really good as well! I love the scent as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. You should pick it up for sure! It's really quick & easy to use and the scent of it is definitely the best part! x

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  2. I didn't know Lush had face products (there are no Lush stores near me haha) but that excites me so much! I'll have to try this, I love the ocean and gritty face scrubs! x


  3. I've tried this product and I really like it too,it reminds me of going to the beach, haha. I also love the scent, too! Xx

    -Maya // mayasienna13.blogspot.co.uk