Glamglow Mud Mask | Review

During quarantine I had a lot of time to try out different face masks I've had around and use up different products I don't always get the time to use everyday. I got these Glamglow masks as a gift and I've heard great things about the brand so I was really looking forward to see what they could do for my skin. They are the Gravitymud and Supermud masks. 

These are masks that are to be left on for 15-20 minutes and are used in different ways to clear your skin. They are both very different to each other in terms of texture - which I feel is important in a face mask. My favourite is the Gravitymud this formula is a shimmery silver which is strange for a face mask and it is very sticky in texture. This face mask hardens on your skin and becomes a peel that you peel off as one whole which helps cleanse your skin. This makes my skin feel really soft and does help pull pores out but not very much. The other mask the Supermud I don't like as much this is more of a black charcoal scrub which you let dry into your face and you wash off instead of peeling it. I haven't noticed much happen from using this mask and I hate how it looks so I don't use it much. The only downfall to both is that they both have a really strong smell which isn't great when you're putting it on your face. They do seem like high quality products

Has anyone tried any of these before? Any thoughts?

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