Lush Haul | First Impressions

It's been a long time since I've done a Lush haul. I've been using up all the products that I've accumulated and don't get a chance to use so I have slowly depleted my collection. I ran out of bath bombs and bubble bars so I decided now is a good time to try some new Lush products that I hadn't tried before. It is definitely a different experience ordering from Lush online rather than being in store. Mainly due to the fact that you can't smell the products and you have to rely on the description. I picked up a few things that I thought I would enjoy, I bought three bath bombs, Marshmallow World, Strawberries and Cream (which I used before I took the pictures), and Dirty. Also, two bubble bars, Party Popper, and Abracadabra. I haven't tried all of these yet so they will just be first impressions.

Starting with bath bombs, Strawberries and Cream was the first one that I used as it smelled the best to me. It smelt as it is named, what I loved is that it was sweet but not a fake sugary sweet, but a gentle fresh kind of sweet. This bath bomb has a creamy middle and two crumbly sides that shape it like a strawberry. This is a very small bath bomb and the scent isn't over powering when dropped in the bath, but it does linger after on the skin for a few days which is really nice. It leaves the bath a mixture of red and pink.

The next one is Marshmallow World, which I have written a review about that will be up next week, as it is one of my favourites I've had in a long time. Intergalactic is still forever my favourite.

The last bath bomb is Dirty, and I am very disappointed with this bath bomb, the smell is not for me. I know it's based off the popular Dirty scent, but it is very musty and dry smelling. It is slightly citrus-y but not enough for me to enjoy it. I think I will like the colours when I use it in the bath as it is a multicolour of varying shades of green, blue, and yellow, and I think that they would blend well together. I hope that it surprises me but I'm not looking forward to using it. If I smelled it in person I know I wouldn't have gone for it so it could be a good thing to try something new. 

On to the bubble bars, the two that I picked I chose because they looked like a lot of fun. The first one is Party Popper, which is shaped like a party popper. The detailing on this is cute as it has flecks of colour underneath and I'm guessing through out also. It's a swirling of orange and yellow and it's definitely one of the more vibrant shades Lush has. I can't wait to try this one out and it smells great too, very bright and cheerful in scent and looks.

The last product that I purchased is the Abracadabra bubble bar, which is shaped like a magic wand. It's a very small and skinny bubble bar, with colourful stars at the end (I'm guessing to show the magic). I really like that this product smells very different to other products. It's very subtle for Lush products, it's very natural scented, almost like lavender and lemon but also smells bubbly (if that can be a scent). This won't last as long as other bubble bars but it is cheaper than a lot of others too so it might be a good option to try if you haven't tried any bubble bars before. Also looks like a lot of fun for kids to use.

Has anyone tried any new Lush products recently? What are your favourites?

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