Costa Strawberries and Cream Cooler

I'm surprised a post about Costa hasn't already made an appearance on my blog. I am a huge Costa lover, it has always been top of my list of favourite coffee shops. I feel like it's so much more underrated than it should be when it's just as good as Starbucks if not better.

I used to only ever buy tea and hot chocolates going to any coffee shop but I began to get really adventurous with trying different drinks out. I tried the 'Strawberries and Cream' cooler from Costa last year sometime and I instantly became obsessed with it. It tastes exactly like it's name and it's just the perfect amount of sweetness and fruitiness all in one. It's my favourite summer beverage because it's blended with ice and it's just super refreshing. I always get extra cream on top also just to make it even sweeter and most of the time you get a strawberry sauce on top with real strawberry bits in it.

If you're ever in costa you should give it a go.

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