OOTD: Yellow Raincoat

I cannot tell you for how long I've wanted a yellow raincoat but it's a long time. I was looking at one in Urban Outfitters for about a hundred euro and I was saving up to get it but I went to a kilo sale recently and they had this, which was cheaper and very similar, so I got it instead. Either way I'm happy with it.

How cute is it? I feel like I'm out of some cartoon where when it rains someone always has a yellow raincoat. It's so cute for summer, it's not heavy at all and is good to have just in case it rains out. It adds colour to any outfit, as you can see here I'm wearing all black, surprise surprise. I've seen so many people wear yellow raincoats out in the streets and I've always been jealous but now it's all good. I seem to have this gravitational draw towards all things yellow recently too I'm not too sure why because it's not a colour I thought I'd ever wear but now I'm wearing it so much and love it. Give it a go if you don't normally wear yellow, you might love it too.

Anyone else loving a yellow raincoat or summery yellow clothes this summer?


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    1. Thank you so am I! I basically wear it everyday! :)