Someday Summary: 7.8.2015

If you are a fan of Zoella , like me, you might have read her blogs in the past. I reread her old blog posts yesterday and read her 'Someday Summary' posts and really liked the way she just wrote about the good things out of her day and the thoughts she was having on that day. Since I'm an I'm going to talk on about something stupid for ages kind of person I thought I'd just write one and see if I ever do more.

Today was not the most interesting day to start with but I'm in a blog-y mood.

  • We got some new flowers for the kitchen and they're super pretty, as flowers normally are.
  • I'm feeling more comfortable blogging since today for some reason and feel like it's slowly coming together. There's multiple designs I have in my head for it and I am slowly going to make it more my own space and feel more welcoming. Watch this space.
  • I'm extremely happy that it's Friday and I feel like I have a lot to look forward to over the weekend. I'm heading to Dublin Comic Con tomorrow and cannot wait. I'm sure this will get it's own post but I get to meet the guy who plays Xander in Buffy, Nicholas Brendon and I can't stop thinking what do you even say to a famous person? I once told Ne-yo he smelled nice and that was the only thing I said to him. Needless to say he just laughed and did not reply to me. 
  • I am about to watch Pretty Little Liars and it's getting so intense. I'm nearly on season four and I'm going to have to avoid most social medias in case of spoilers from the summer finale. The perks of not being caught up.
  • I also have Nutella sticks beside me and am very content. Especially because they're only a euro and make me so happy. Well done Nutella for being fab.
  • I had a really cute phone call with one of my best friends earlier and it made me really happy to realize I have people like her in my life. I'm feeling very appreciative of everything everyone does for me today.

How was everyone else's day today?

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