Salou & PortAventura | Photo Diary

If you know me then you'll know one of my favourite places to go on a holiday to is Salou, Spain. I've been about five times growing up and fall in love with it every time that I go, it's a beautiful city, with so much to do and amazing weather. One of the places I always visit and love to go to is the PortAventura theme park, which is a beautifully themed park with an array of rides to suit every age. I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos in a photo diary as they all make me so happy. 

This is the view of the park when you first enter, giving you a view of the park's top attractions, Shambala, Dragon Khan, and Hurakan Condor.


 Just like Disney and Universal, you can meet characters on your travels around this park, such as Woody and Wendy Woodpecker, Betty Boop and Seasame Street characters. 

Ferrari Land opened last year and is a new theme park which has the tallest roller coaster in Europe, Red Force. In the second photo is the Shambala which was previously the tallest coaster in Europe.

 Views of Shamala and Dragon Khan, the tallest coasters in the park.

 This is the pool from the PortAventura hotel, and the best waffle that you will ever try. 

 This is the view from the entrance at the other side where you can see attractions such as Furious Baco, and Red Force in the back which is part of their new theme park Ferrari Land, the second photo is from the Wild West themed area.

Has anyone ever been here before or would like to visit?

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