Going Back To Ombre Hair

I first put ombre in my hair this time last year and since it has been a year since I'd done anything to my hair, it was time to fix it again. For anyone who doesn't know what ombre is, it's the gradual lightening from the top of the head at the roots. The roots being the darkest and the ends being the lightest. In my case it's my natural brown hair to gradual blonde.
I really like this look because it lightens up my features and makes my face more interesting I think. It's also perfect to do in summer for lighter hair in the sun.
I had really long hair and my old ombre was growing out so I decided to go shorter than I normally would and put blonde back in. Which also means that there's now more blonde in it now then ever and I actually really like it.
I used the L'oreal Paris Wild Ombre Preference in Ombre Number one both times I've done this and it's come out super well and has never given me any bad blending and I've never had trouble with it.
They give you an applicator brush which you simply put the bleach on and brush into your hair about three quarters of the way down, starting at the back. 
I'm usually afraid that I'll get those horrible lines between the colors where it looks like it hasn't been blended properly at all and looks really bad. So I start applying the bleach less than three quarters down and every five minutes or so put another section on top of the previous one on. This will prevent block colours and help it look naturally blended. I leave it in for the least amount of time needed at 25 minutes to get the most natural look, and for it not to be ridiculously blonde. 

I know my hair is super wavy and the lighting is really bad but you can still see the ombre in the second image. It came out well and looks gradually lighter and looks natural, like the sun bleached it I think. I love ombre because it doesn't ruin the roots of your hair and it's a good thing if you want to try out a different colour in your hair and aren't fully committed to dying your whole head yet.
Maybe one day I'll go full blonde or some other colour but I'm pretty happy with ombre and I'm pretty sure it's a new trend again as I've seen so many people out with it recently.

Also it's cheaper and easier to do this at home instead of the hairdressers and the instructions are pretty easy to follow. 
Anyone ever try ombre before or is going to try for the summer?

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