My Workout Routine

I have never been one to workout but I have time to look after myself properly now and really want to get fit and actually become healthy. I'm starting this routine now and I'm going to see how well it works.
I used to be in a drama group so I'm used to warming up before dances and the same thing applies for before I work out, especially because my body is not used to exercise I need to be careful that I don't hurt myself or pull any muscles.
I plan on doing some running in the future and maybe join a gym but right now I want to work on my stamina from at home. I got inspiration for this routine from a video that Niomi Smart made sometime last year and I really liked her routine, it was simple and easy to do. I'll put the link to her workout video here.

I kept most of the things from her routine and only changed a little bit.
I start with stretches and small amounts of a warm up. Then I'll do 15 arm dips as seen in Niomi's video. I'll do 15 press ups also, for now I'll add more the more I get into doing a workout routine. Then I'll move onto legs and do 15 lunges and squats. For abs I'll just do a front plank for one minute and side planks for 30 seconds each side. This is basically a copy of Niomi's routine but it's worked for me so far.
After I do this I also hoola hoop because it's such an easy work out and it helps tone your stomach. I do this for five to ten minutes but if I've got time I'll do more. It's not a tiring exercise but it is proven to help improve your figure and it also helps on your focus on things as I'd normally use my phone while using it. I don't have one with ridges on it but it's more of a workout to have a heavier or bumpier one because it's harder to keep up.
In addition to trying to workout everyday, I'm trying to eat healthier. I'm not putting myself on a diet, I'm just adding more fruit and healthier options to it as well as everything I'd usually eat. This isn't the healthiest but it's something. I'm going to try and drink as much water as I can because I am awful at doing it. I always keep two bottles of water beside my bed but always forget to refill them.

Has anyone got any good ideas that I can add to my exercise or healthy eating plan?

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