Paper Towns Book Review

First book review, yay!
Only starting to get back into reading books regularly and if I remain not busy I'll be reading a lot more, which is good news.
I read 'The Fault in Our Stars' before the film came out last year so I decided to read another of John Green's famous novels. I read 'Paper Towns' before the release of the film in July.
This book is super interesting. It only took me past the first chapter to get into it, which is pretty good as normally I'd have to be a quarter of the way through before i get interested.

The book is about a teenage boy Quentin who is in love with the mysterious girl, Margo, who lives next door to him. She has a history of being mysterious and leaving hints for people to find her. She gets tired of normal everyday life in what she calls 'paper towns'. She wants to teach Quentin a lesson on her outlook on life and sends him on a quest to find her.

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The book was really enjoyable, mysterious and suspenseful. There was no way you could predict what was going to happen, just like Margo the main character was unpredictable. I felt a lot of emotions reading this book and felt like I could connect to it in a few ways. Quentin is leaving school in the book, just as I just have and I could really relate to the feeling of entering the real world. The thoughts of the enigma, Margo, I could also relate to. I've always been a person who feels awkward living life the way everyone else does and do feel like living in a 'paper town' as described in the book is repetitive and boring.
The book gives a positive outlook on life and does inspire you to live your life the way you wish to and not conform to the normal thing. The book is emotional, unpredictable and mysterious, something you'd expect from a John Green novel. John Green just gets life and existential thoughts and gets the way life should be lived and it's really uplifting to read. His characters are great and I'm super excited to see the film now. I'm also really excited to see Cara Delevigne play Margo, I actually think it's a great choice and can't wait to see her proper acting debut.

Anyone else read this book or is super excited for the film?

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