Welcome Back To Me!

Hello to anyone reading this (which is no one as of now but maybe someday.)
I haven't blogged at all this year and it makes me feel weird. I started a blog in January last year and just wanted to get it started because I knew I wouldn't actually blog until now.
I really want to get into blogging now that I'm just finished school as I've got a lot of free time and time to explore things, try things and write about them or review them.
I don't really expect people to read my blogs I'm just interested in it and doing it for the fun. I also really like the idea of it as it's kind of like a diary that I just chose to post on the internet.
My blogs won't be super personal but they won't be not personal at the same time. I don't have set things I want to blog about and I'm not going to give this blog any sort of title. I'm just gonna blog about whatever I want to and things I recommend other people to try and stuff.
I haven't been reading other peoples blogs recently either and I'm going to start too because as much as I like talking about my own opinions I like reading other peoples too. If anyone wants me to read their blog or wants to recommend any to me that would be great!
I still have no idea how to use this and I suppose I'll get better at it with time, I'm not expecting to be a blogging genius overnight.
Also all the posts I've previously done are kind of redundant as I some how managed to delete every single picture off all my old posts. I've no idea how and it really annoys me. It doesn't seem it but I did put a lot of effort into those posts and the pictures on it and I really got discouraged when it got deleted because it looks pretty crap now. I'm gonna try and make it ten times better now and hopefully improve writing skills and blogging skills.
This is basically me restarting my blog so welcome!

Stick around and I'll see you all soon!  

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