Botanic Gardens

I've wanted to visit this place for a long time so what better time than to visit on your college midterm? It doesn't sound very exciting going to a place just covered in various types of plants and flowers but I think there's just something tranquil and beautiful about the place. If I lived near it I'd be there constantly I think.


It's times like these I wish I had a camera, if only the battery didn't leak in mine. I would've taken so much more photos than I did on my not-so-great iPhone. I feel like I could've sat there all day. They had this really cute pumpkin designing competition going on for children too and I thought it was super cute. Are you ready for a lot of photos of flowers and plants?


They had different green houses for different types of plants which I thought was really cool. They have one with cacti, as seen above and tropical plants and then more native kind of plants. The tropical room was really warm and it did make me feel like I was on some sort of tropical island, which was pretty neat and means that the design is pretty superb.



The pictures of me taking pictures of plants is like inception right? I really enjoyed and enjoy taking photos of nature so if I figure out blog layouts better then I'll probably have them displayed in a more creative way.


We left just as the sun was going down which made the scene so much prettier. The place is also attached to a graveyard which I know some people won't find interesting but there's a lot of history found there as a lot of famous Irish people are buried there. Not the best note to be ending on admittedly.

Anyone know of any places near them like this? I'd love to hear about them and travel there someday!

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