Lush Bath Bombs | Butterbear & Dragons Egg

I know I have a review of Dragons Egg on my blog somewhere already, last year sometime, around the time I managed to delete all the pictures off this blog. So I don't see why I can't do an updated little review thing. I'd previously had Butterbear too as far as I can remember. Either way they're two great Lush products and lets start talking about them.


The Dragons Egg bath bomb is probably the most entertaining to watch, I know that's how I always describe it. It smells like lemon and citrus and is meant to symbolize a dragons egg, it's not named that for no reason. It's one of the biggest Lush bath bombs I've had and it takes maybe longer than five minutes to fizz completely. 

Once dropped in the bath it fizzes around until the water hits the middle. The bath bomb then turns from white to an orange and begins to turn the bath orange. This is meant to be like dragons fire if I'm correct. The middle has a lot going on in it. It releases popping candy, gold glitter and coloured jelly which is moisturizing for the skin. It smells really clean, if I can use that description, and leaves your skin with a fresh scent. 

Butterbear on the other hand, is probably the most moisturizing and nourishing bath bomb. It contains cocoa butter and leaves your skin feeling really soft. It's not a very eventful bath bomb, it doesn't have an array of colour or anything fancy inside, just it's cute little face and it's great qualities. I would definitely recommend this bath bomb to people who have dry skin or who want a really luxurious feeling bath bomb. Smells great too, it has the same scent as butterball, I'm pretty sure they're like the same product in a different shape. 

I feel like I have a lot of Lush products at home I still need to try out, since I love Lush that much, so you'll be seeing a lot of it on my blog soon. 
Anyone try these products before? 


  1. Both of these bath bombs sound amazing, especially butterbear! :)
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    1. They are and they smell so good too! ps, I really enjoy reading your blog! :) x

  2. Those bath bombs sound so nice! I love using them :)

    1. I know right? They're perfect for relaxing! :)