Fall Out Boy | Dublin Concert

I can't believe how late I am to post this. I've had the busiest month ever and forgot to put this up altogether. I went to see Fall Out Boy at the start of October in Dublin, see how late this is? 
Obviously being an amazing pop punk band, they put on a really great show.

I went with my bestest friend Kathryn, who is probably a bigger Fall Out Boy fan then me, she's a super fangirl, I hope she reads this. We were both pretty good fangirls for the night and lost our voices also. 

They played all their old classics like 'Dance, dance' and 'Thnks fr th mmrs' which is probably my favourite of their songs. They played their new stuff from their newest album 'American Psycho/American Beauty' and the rest of the stuff they played was from their 'Save Rock and Roll' album. They had the most perfect setlist and their songs are my new favourites to be heard live. It was so much fun just screaming lyrics and dancing along to their stuff, they make it so fun. 

They also had pretty amazing backdrops for all their songs and it looked like a lot of work went into it. My favourite songs that they played were probably 'My songs know what you did in the dark' and 'Young Volcanoes'. They played 'Young Volcanoes' and 'Immortals' acoustic half way through the concert which was a really good way to make the songs different from the usual electric guitar and drum beats. For those of you who have a vague idea of who Fall Out Boy are, have heard of them or might not know them at all, they have a song that was released in the recent Disney film 'Big Hero 6', an amazing film if I must say. You might have seen it before but if you haven't I'll link the song here.

I decided to put outfit pictures of the day in with this post as I had them and I wore my army jacket especially for the occasion. You can definitely see the old emo side of me in my music taste and fashion sense, I was cool okay? I went with the most grunge clothes I own, which isn't a lot. I am aware that the picture quality isn't the best and that they are slanty, but you have to get with the scene.

Check out Fall Out Boys stuff if you're into pop punk, indie kind of music anyways and if you already love Fall Out Boy has anyone ever been to their concert before? I'd love to hear about it!

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