Kat Von D Best of Nudes Set | Review

I used to love experimenting with colours in terms of lips and makeup in generally but lately I've my time spent on doing my make up is not so much as it used to be, so nudes and natural colours and minimal looks are a strong go to recently. I have tried many of Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks before, but never the lipsticks, and this set offered a mixture of lots of different nude shades in a small mini version of it. They come in a set of six and I couldn't wait to try them out and see if they were just as good as the liquid lipsticks which I love. I've been using these for a while and there are some I haven't tried a lot and some I use all of the time. This is the Best of Nudes Set, some of which I have shades in the liquid lipstick also.

These shades are all very dark nudes in my opinion. They're all very brown toned shades. Also a lot of berry shades. The darker shades are the ones I haven't worn much, I prefer them in liquid lipstick form. The lighter shades like Bow n Arrow and Ophelia would be my favourite shades and are very easily worn. This set is all mini versions of the shades which I think is always a nice way to try different shades and not wasting as much if they're not for you. Plus you can't really go wrong with a nude shade set for money and wear value.

I don't love the formula of these lipsticks. I feel that it's the most dry consistency I've tried before. It's not very hydrating and it's more of a chunky consistency so you can really put anything else on top to help it. They do tend to stay on your lips for a longer time than most softer lipsticks because of this so they don't need as much use. They are very matte to wear which I love. I do prefer all of the liquid lipsticks I've tried of the same shades. They tend to come out nicer, last longer, and feel overall nicer to wear. 

These are in order, Crucifix, Sanctuary, Hawkwind, Piaf, Ophelia, and Bow n Arrow.

Has anyone tried anything Kat Von D before? What's your favourite shades?

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