Netflix Recommends

It's definitely a time to catch up on shows you're behind on or to watch all the shows that you've been dying to watch and have been too busy to watch. When it comes to Netflix there are always certain shows that get hyped up and you can see them everywhere. I have been one to be easily influenced into watching things others watch or even what Netflix recommends so these are the things that I have currently been watching, I'm sure a lot of people have watched the majority already. I'm posting this a little later than I meant to.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: If you haven't already watched this show this is your sign to do so. This is a comedy, one of the better ones that has come out in a while, based in a police station. The characters all have their unique quirks that are played on in every episode although they never get much work done (it's definitely not a cop show). I haven't heard of anyone that dislikes this show. The newest season, season six has just been released on Netflix so there's a lot to watch or catch up on! 

  • Love is Blind: this show has been talked about every where. I'm going to write about it as if no one has watched it. The show is a reality dating show where the participants are put into what is called a pod, a soundproof room in which you can only hear the sounds from the pod in front of you. Meaning that the people literally go on blind dates. They are trying to find someone to marry without having ever seen them. Throughout the show they have to find the struggles of only knowing someone mentally rather than physically. I did find the show really interesting but it is very dramatic at times in the way you can't help but feel a lot of it is set up or just done for the show. There is some very cute couples that have come out of the show though so it is interesting to follow their journey. I'm not usually one for reality T.V. either so I do recommend regardless of what you usually watch.

  • 100 Humans: This show is more like a survey show, a kind of scientific show but entertaining to watch. A group of 100 humans, varying in age and gender etc are surveyed and put under various tests to find out why certain people do things, if things can happen and generally testing hypothesis. The results of certain questions were very interesting and it was cool to see the way in which they went about getting the results and tests for the show. It does get a little bit repetitive but the questions are answered within about ten minutes so it is really easy informative watching.

  • RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12: I've watched all seasons of RuPaul except for UK so far and it is a show that I have consistently enjoyed. I think that this is one of the strongest seasons yet, and I have been annoyed at some of the decisions made so far within the show. It wasn't the best at the start but the episodes are getting better each week. The only thing I'm not enjoying as much is that it's coming out weekly so you can't just binge the whole thing at once unfortunately. 

  • Tiger King: This show is one I didn't really really want to watch originally as I just didn't think I would want to watch a show about tigers. But after seeing people posting theories about different people within the show I decided I needed to join in and weigh in also. The first episode didn't maintain my attention but I kept with it and it does get much more interesting but it wasn't something that I'll think about again and I didn't really find myself paying too much attention to it and left it on in the background but I can see the appeal to it. If you like real life documentaries and true crime cases you'll probably enjoy it.

What has everyone else been watching recently?


  1. I need to check these out. Thank you.

    1. Lots of good stuff coming out at the moment! x