My Five Least Favourite Musicals

I find it very hard to dislike musicals, I tend to find good qualities in them all. There's a lot of musicals that I don't exactly like but I can still appreciate something within them maybe for trying something or certain songs within. But usually I don't like musicals when I can't get into them or relate to what they're trying to say or just plain connect with them. The musicals on this list are musicals again that I have seen or know a lot about, just to have a fair comment on them. I am always willing to see new productions of shows though to see what they're like.

  • Number five is probably surprising to most but it's the Phantom of the Opera. I love the style of this musical and there are a lot of iconic songs. Yet the story doesn't do much for me, I feel like it's missing the emotion that a story like that should have. I don't like opera music as much as other styles so I did veer from listening to this for a while but I have gotten into it over the years. The staging is fantastic and I have seen the show live but it's not a show I get excited for. It's definitely a classic show for a reason but I would love to see a few changes to the story or how it is acted. Although I have never seen Love Never Dies which comes after this musical so maybe I would like that.

  • Number four An Officer and a Gentleman - This is a very niche musical that I have seen more than once. This musical is based off pop music from the 70's/80's and it's all meshed into the show to fit the story. I think in this way it doesn't work as well as music written especially for the show. It does all fit and there are some great songs in it but it's not specifically overwhelming. The storyline is very average and I don't remember any character's name. I don't think it is one I would see again. But it is a lot of fun it's a feel good show so I will give it that. 

  • Number three is Rent - now I feel like I can't judge this as much as the other's as I have never seen this live but I am basing it off the movie. I do love the storyline and the interweaving of the character's in the show. I also like a lot of the rock vibes within the music but the songs are unmemorable and not interesting to me. I felt bored throughout and didn't feel a connection to any of the characters and didn't care what they did. I would love to see it to see what I think live rather than listening to it but I will always skip it when it comes on.

  • Number two Avenue Q - I really thought that I would love this. A comedy musical with puppets sounds so interesting but it really fell flat with me. The humour was really dark and although it was funny it became too much for me really quick. Some of the jokes dragged on and some scenes were so inappropriate that I just wanted to leave and I never wanted to leave a show before. I think it could do with a little rewriting to maybe entice a wider audience, but I can't bring myself to listen to it again and I would not see this again.

  • Number one Hairspray - My least favourite musical is very controversial to most. I may have just listened to it too much when I was younger but I don't find any of the music catchy, I just find it annoying. None of the songs hold any value for me and it all feels like nonsense. I love the fashion and style and quirky nature of some character's but I think its a very childish musical and can't feel any emotion toward it. It may be a lot of fun and very colourful but I don't like the musical style and it's not impressive to me in any way.

Other musicals which are not my favourites include Sunset Boulevard, Cats, Chicago, West Side Story. This is just based off what musicals I always skip on playlists or I'm never in the mood to listen to.

Does anyone have a least favourite musical?

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