Maybelline Baby Lips Review

I am the worst person for having dry lips ever. I constantly have dry lips no matter what I do. My friend gave me a lend of her Maybelline 'Baby Lips' one day and it honestly has made such a huge difference! My lips feel moisturised and nourished when I apply this lip balm. Personally I find lip balms really useless to me and that's why I never bought 'Baby Lips' when they came out but I am glad that I have come to try them.

They retail at €3.99 which is cheap and cheerful. I have bought 'Hydrate' and 'Cherry Me'. 'Hydrate' comes in blue packaging and comes out clear on your lips. While 'Cherry Me' comes in orange packaging and comes out a light shade of red on your lips. It also smells like cherries. They both contain SPF20 and do leave your lips feeling baby soft. For me I prefered 'Hydrate' as it was clear and it seemed to have a better effect on my lips, they never felt chapped or dry with it on and it really did feel hydrating. I currently have just finished the intire tube, which is rare for me to finish a lip balm. I really recommend this to people who have dehydrated lips or just want their lips to feel smooth and soft.

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