Topshop Lip Markers

I have never bought any make up from Topshop before despite it being my favourite clothing store. The make up from the shop always looks so pretty but I just never buy any for some reason. I recently bought two lip markers there though to try because I really liked the colours and they were on sale. I bought the shades 'berry' and 'parade.' Berry is a deep red colour and Parade looks similar on the packaging, it's a lighter shade of red but comes out a little more orange.

They are best applied with a base of some sort of lip balm as the colour tends to stick to places where your lips may be dryer. The colour after applying os fabulous! My favourite is Berry as dark red lips are something I adore and are perfect for a night out. The colour lasts literally all day, and it's hard to get off if you need to but I like that it's long lasting. You might need to top up but it looks just as well without doing so. I haven't used them too much but I do think the only concern with these is that they will dry out and I think it's not going to last too long. Other than that, I really like how they come out and how they look on!

In the swatch berry is on the left and parade is on the right.

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