How to Keep Busy and Calm | Self Isolation Tips

It's a crazy time right now, with the coronavirus making a full tour of the world, and many countries going into lockdown and supporting some health and safety measures - it's safe to say that there's not only a lot of uncertainty in the air, but some worry and stress. Over the past week I've been self isolating, as precautioned by our government, and I've learned a few things to keep myself busy and less stressed. 

  • Keep Yourself Occupied - this to me has been the most important thing. My job is very people focused so I am unable to work as normal so being at home in self isolation means I've a lot of free time as compared to normal. I've been making sure not to do too much of one thing, but a mixture of reading, tv, chores, games, relaxing and self care. Trying to make every day important even though it doesn't feel it is hard but we're all in this together and we'll come out the other side safe and healthy soon!
  • Stay Hydrated and Eating Well - Being indoors and hopefully stocked up on all that you need means that there's a lot of time to make sure your diet is getting all the nutrients it deserves. The shops are always going to keep food stocked so don't forget fruit and vegetables over the pasta and beans and long life foods - you can always freeze them if needs be. It's very important to stay hydrated too - I heard that drinking hot beverages is one of the best ways to beat symptoms so it's good to drink some nice teas maybe!
  • Go For Walks - Don't forget in most places you are allowed to leave your house as long as you practice social distancing, fresh air is so helpful and necessary for the mind - even sit outside your house you don't need to go far for some vitamin C!
  • Do What You Enjoy - It's nice to do productive things like housework or computer work but do things you really enjoy too as social contact is limited it's important to make sure you're enjoying yourself and keeping yourself happy even if you can't do everything you'd like to.
  • Keep in Contact with Friends and Family - Although you may not be able to see your friends and family, everyone is feeling the same emotions at the moment and social media and technology can keep us close to our friends even if they're far away. A simple call, text or Skype will be amazing.
  • Be Aware of the Media - The media at the moment seems to be full of bad news so it's important to remember not to get sucked up in it and take everything literally. Limiting the amount of time you spend reading the news will help lessen the panic and stress I've found.


I hope that everyone is healthy and well, I would love to hear what everyone is up to in self isolation at the moment, and if anyone has any good tips about keeping calm within all the uncertainty.


  1. These all seem like excellent things to be doing. I especially like the tips about not getting too sucked up in the bad news in the media and keeping in touch with friends and family (I tend to be a recluse). I really should call my sister again soon.
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  2. Oops! I forgot to add the html for the link to your YouTube channel videos :D
    All my best wishes for you in riding out the lockdown and staying safe well and happy xx <3 :)

    1. For sure don't forget your family and friends are probably feeling the same way! And aw thank you! You too stay safe!