Looking after Cacti | Tips

I love plants and nature generally, as most people do. But I find that I am very incapable of looking after them, they never have enough light or water or room temperature. There's a lot of factors in keeping plants. Yet they say that cacti are the easiest plant to look after as they don't need as much attention and they save water so if you forget to water them it doesn't matter as much. They tend to survive a lot of harsh conditions as they would in the desert so it is easy to look after them. Although I admit I've had a few die on me too over the years. So I got some new ones to look after properly this time. 

Here's some tips I've learned: Cacti don't need to be watered too much but they do need to be watered frequently, but not in huge quantities. They absorb and hold water a lot but they will use it if they get water frequently so they will grow more, but if you forget it won't be the end of them. I'd recommend a little bit every week. 
They do need sunlight like all plants so do consider keeping them on a window or at least in a place in the room which gets a lot of light. 
Different cacti grow in different ways. I find that the spikey ones don't grow too much but the softer ones like the very first one in the photo if kept right can grow to be very tall and obviously they follow the light like most plants so dont forget to rotate your plants so they grow equally on each side. 
Like any plant don't forget to change the pot if the pot is getting too small as they have more room to grow also. Most cacti will not grow too crazy as they are mini compared to wild ones. 
I've found that you can plant new cacti plants from alive pieces of the plant that you can plant into another pot and it does tend to grow itself into a new plant, it doesn't happen with all but if some parts of the plant are dead you can try and grow a new one with the pieces that are still healthy.


Anyone have any tips for me on how to look after any plants at all?


  1. I really love them!!!

    1. I am often forgetting to water them myself! But such a cute plant!

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  2. The cacti look like they would be an excellent choice for houseplants for me.
    I tend to be neglectful of my house plants, but these might survive.
    They look attractive. I'm also thinking of looking for a few aloe vera plants.
    I love your cute flower pots!

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    1. I am the same! They're greta because they don't need much attention, and they came with the cute pots!

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com