James Charles X Morphe | Palette Review

 You may have noticed if you've read my blog for a while, the thing I post about the most is for sure make up palettes. I have wayyy too many but I haven't bought any since October so that's a start. Yet if I was to buy another palette any time soon I would repurchase this palette. I bought the mini version of the James Charles X Morphe palette and honestly I think it is my favourite palette I've ever owned. I don't watch a lot of James Charles content but you can't deny that his looks are always stunning. I didn't buy the palette because of who's palette it is but if he does any more I will for sure purchase them. I also have never owned anything by Morphe so if I do get another palette I would buy from them.

This palette is probably the most colourful palette I've ever owned. I'm not afraid of wearing colour and I always match my shadow with my outfit. There's 39 shades in the palette and has every colour you could need and a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. The shades themselves are so pigmented and really look great mixed any way. the fallout is quite high from them but they usually stay in the pan and are easily reused the next time you use it. It's also such a small palette for how much you get in it. It's also very lightweight and easy to travel with even if it's not particularly a travel palette. I am completely obsessed with everything about this palette and I'm going to be very sad when I hit pan on it. My most used shades are the reds; Rusted and You're Kidding. The yellows, Bee and Tune, a gold So Good, a red shimmer brown Halloween and the light shimmer blue Halloween.

 First row: Canvas, Ringlight, So Good, 518, Rusted, Halloween, Wig and Tea. 

Second row: Punch Me, Sister, Mary, Literally, You're Kidding, Shook, Boutique and Benny.

Third Row: Flashback, Face, Tune, Code James, 10% Off, No Beans, and Spooky.

Fourth Row Bee, Guac, Hello, Playground, Brother, Artistry, Love That and Pinkity Drinkity.

Fifth Row: Social Blade, Daddy, Cape Cod, Cola, Acapella, Escape, Single and Skip.

I would recommend this palette to anyone who likes to play with colours and also to try some new things!
Has anyone else tried this palette? How did you find it?

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  1. Such a fantastic palette!