Clear Out My Make Up With Me

Now is more than time more than ever before that the majority of us have a lot of time to do a huge clear out. Of which I have done several times now. I decided that my makeup needed a huge clear out, mainly because a lot of it must be really out of date by now and I had a lot of stuff that I just never used or reached for over others. I did clear every section of my collection but I only remembered to take a photo of my palettes that I am getting rid of. I thought it'd be nice to share things that I once really enjoyed, and also never used so others get an idea of what is a good product overall.

The first few things I got rid of are a few old Zoeva products, ones I'm not too sure if they do anymore. These palettes are very cheap and I love the quality of Zoeva's products. All of the palettes that I used are very neutral and are great for everyday looks. I decided to get rid of these palettes as they are at least five years old and I don't go for neutrals as much as I used to but I would consider getting them again but maybe in different colours.

The Naked 2 palette was one that really got me into makeup and I also had 1 a long time ago, this palette is the oldest I own and I don't use it for that reason. It is an iconic palette and I'll never forget the hype and the craze all of these palettes created in the beauty world. I do think that they have gotten better as they have gone on too.

The NYX palette is one in which you bought individual colours and assembled your own palette. I loved the idea of this at the time and NYX products are amazing value for what they are. I never used this palette and I think it is because none of the shades I picked went together and I never remembered what was inside the palette.

The Revolution palette was gifted to me buy a friend as far as I remember and I really liked it but the colours never really drew me to the palette and I forgot I owned it. It has some very unusual colours that I like and I do think I would buy it if it were better quality again, it reminds me of the Subculture palette by Anastasia. Which I just found out has been discontinued after a quick google, so I am sad about that.

The last two items in this pile that I cleared were a Benefit blush and Primark highlight palette. Blush is never something that I use, which I probably should, but it was never used so I knew that I would never use it. The highlighter is very good and very pigmented, and smells like chocolate. But I have a lot better highlighter palettes that  I would rather keep instead.

Has anyone else been doing a lot of clearing out? Find any old gems?

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  1. Great palettes!