Lime Crime Venus XS Solid Gold | Palette Review

I have never had any LimeCrime eyeshadows before but I have used a lot of their lip and face products and I've loved them. The Venus XS palette that I have is the Solid Gold palette. There are many different versions and colours of these palettes and I think that this one is the most neutral and natural. 

The palette, as suggested in the name is very small. It's about the size of a palm. It only contains four shades but it has enough to create various looks. It has one light white beige, two browns, a light and dark, and a gold shade. All of the shades are shimmer or glitter shades except for one matte shade.

Gilded is the gold glitter shade which contains chunks of glitter as you spread. Aureate is the light gold white shade, which would work as a highlight shade as it changes in the light. Treasure is the dark brown shade which contains flecks of gold sparkle. Lastly Trinket is the matte brown which is the most basic of all the shades.

The swatch above is of Trinket, Aureate, Gilded, and Treasure in order. 

I would love to try the other colour palettes in this collection as I think they are great to carry around and complete a full look with so little shades and effort. Has anyone tried this or similar before?

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  1. I love that Lime Crime cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free.
    Those eyeshadows look amazing,
    and I am just imagining the beautiful looks that could be created with them!

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