Outdoor Cinema

Last week I went to an outdoor cinema for the first time in about three years. I forgot how much I loved the idea of it and it didn't rain, which is the most important thing. I don't know why I find sitting in a field watching a movie with a group of people cuter than going to the cinema, it's technically the same thing. I think it's because it's rare to go to an outdoor cinema but very common to go to a normal cinema, either way I love it.

The film that was shown was Dirty Dancing, which I'd never seen, queue the shocked people. I'd only seen the first half of it before, it's quite an over rated film but I still enjoyed it. Plus the audience cheered and clapped along, it was such a cute atmosphere.

There was cute little food stalls and a van full of Ben and Jerry's that were being given out for free, how great. They were giving out free ice cream to get people to sign a petition for stopping climate change and taking action. They were telling people about the conference in Paris later this year surrounding climate change. I think it was pretty great they were doing it because I know most people wouldn't have a clue what it was. They had a really smart campaign about showing the effects of climate change in terms of ice cream. They said 'ice creams no good when it's melted' and they were stating the same goes if the world's ice caps melt. It's a pretty easy but effective concept I think, I've no idea if other people took anything from it though. I'm hoping it registered in peoples minds somewhere along with their free ice cream. 

It was really nice once the sun went down and it became night. It felt like I was back in the eighties living my teenage years in that era instead, not that I know what the eighties was even like. I think it reminded me of Grease and that style and kind of makes me which things were still a little bit old fashioned. It's still great to see that these types of events are still put on for the public even if it's not that often, well where I live it's not maybe somewhere else it is.

Anyone ever been to an outdoor cinema before?

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