Brand New Concert Dublin

I know a lot of people would read this title and wonder what the 'Brand New' concert in Dublin is. Brand New is actually the name of a band for those of you who might not know, a really good one for that matter. Anyone who hasn't heard of this band before, they're basically and alternative rock group consisting of five members. For those who have heard of the band before you'll know how good they are. They're super quirky and their music is really soothing to me. I find their music really chill even though there's a lot of relatively heavy-ish guitar. Their lyrics are really intriguing and creative too. I'll link my favourite song of theirs here for anyone who wants to give them a listen.

All the photos I have of the night are pretty bad so I really regret not trying to get better photos. Anyways, they played Vicar Street in Dublin last Tuesday, which is a small venue but it was so packed it was crazy. I didn't expect a lot of people to go to it at all. You could barely stand without being squashed and you couldn't even see the stage over the sheer about of people, or maybe it's just because I'm smaller than most people. I ended up sitting in seats at the very back the whole night which didn't bother me at all because I got a pretty good view from there. 

They had a band called Basement open for them who I had never heard of before but I really enjoyed them. They're really pop punk and their songs are really catchy. I was really excited to see Brand New though as I've been a fan for about two years and never expected to actually see them live. 

They opened with their new song Mene, which I really like. It's one of their faster heavier songs but is so easy to listen to. They played songs from all of their albums and had ocean scenes play in the backdrop. They also played videos of the audience too which is a great way to get the audience included. They're such a calming band for me and I often find myself falling asleep to their music, which actually happened in real life too. They played a good few songs from my favourite album of theirs, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, which a good proportion of the tracks have religious lyrics or suggestions. It's a pretty interesting album even if you're not very religious. I find the ideas in the songs interesting or captivating sometimes. It can depend on my mood though.

They were really good live which I actually thought they wouldn't be. I didn't think they would be able to play their type of music live and sound good but I was wrong. I hadn't got any more photos of the night other than the ones of me and Jack being super happy while they play so I decided to put it in anyways. 

Anyone love this band too or seen anyone interesting live recently?

Also I know I'm hopefully going to a lot of concerts near the end of the year so I'm going to be spamming my blog with similar posts to this one, yay for ramblings about artists I listen to. 

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