August Favourites 2015

I never have much in the line of favourites for the month. I find myself only buying clothes and food and minimal bits of other things, mainly because I'm broke. I feel like I'll have more favourites when it gets more into the more Autumnal months, also my favourite months. I also feel kind of sad that it didn't feel like much of a summer this year. The weather was so cold and it rarely got sunny and it just didn't feel like summer at all.

My first favourite this month was the Collection Lasting Perfection foundation. I'd heard a lot about this for coverage for a long time along with the matching concealer and have wanted to try it. I bought it in the shade 2 Ivory which is my usual skin tone. I think it has really good coverage but the texture feels really thick on your skin. Despite that, I really like it and think I'm going to be wearing it throughout the Winter months as it seems to stay on all day and sit really well. I'm not the one for trying new foundations because they really mess with my skin when I change them but this one doesn't and it's so nice. If anyone has any foundation recommendations please let me know because I'm awful at picking them out.

I've also been loving the Garner Micellar Cleansing Water this month. This make up remover is actually really good, I only bought the small one to test it out but I feel like it really cleans my skin and gets rid of all the excess make up I can't usually clean. Not to mention that the bottle is so cute and definitely my aesthetic. It really feels like you're just using water to clean your face, it has no perfume and is transparent. It gets rid of make up really easily and my skin feels fresher after using it.

My next favourite is another make up related one. It's the Revlon Colorburst lip crayons. I have them in the shades 115 Whimsical which is a shimmery pink, 001 Honey Douce which is a nude and 215 Shameless which is a deep purple, as seen in the order in the photo. These are really great, they're super moisturizing, not like a lipstick but have the colour stay power of a lipstick. The colours in the range are really pretty too. They retail at 10.99 Euro which is an okay price for what they are. They smell like mint and it's so refreshing. They're easy to apply and really pigmented. They're just great really.

My last favourite is food related, as expected. It's the Kinder Joys, which are basically Kinder eggs but instead of chocolate on the outside of the toy you get some inside with a toy and you eat it with a sort of spoon thing. It's really weird to explain. I know you can only get them here in Ireland during the Easter months which is annoying. I got my mam to bring me back some when she went on holidays to Portugal because they have more creative chocolate foods over there as it seems. Give them a try if your a Kinder fan and haven't already. 

What have you been loving during the month of August?

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