What I wore: Belsonic Festival Trip

To end my continuous post about that tiny trip I had, I decided to do an outfit post as I bought clothes specifically for the little trip, I really don't get out much can you tell? Both of the outfits are from Forever 21, a shop I never buy clothes in but I went in a few weeks ago and actually wanted to buy everything I saw in the shop which was really strange. I'll be in there more often from now on.

My first outfit is what I wore to the Belsonic festival, where it actually rained all day, what a great choice by me. The dress was only 14 Euro I think and I always struggle buying white dresses. They're always way too see through or too hard to keep clean. This one isn't that tight and even where it is, the material is too thick to be see through. It's both casual and dressy depending on what you do with it, which I love, plus the price was good, where could you go wrong?

My outfit for the second day was one of those off the shoulder tops that I wanted to see if I could pull off. You can wear this without showing off your shoulders too which I love about it. It's really flowy and easy to wear. It was 16 Euro I think which was also pretty good. I'm probably going to wear this a lot now even though it's getting into winter clothes season.

Anyone else shop in Forever 21 at all?

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