Zoeva: Cocoa Blends Eyeshadow Palette

I came across this palette while reading blogs a little while ago and I knew straight away that I had to buy it. It's like the palette I'd been looking for for a while. It's such a perfect Autumnal palette, I love that word so much and it's probably colour-wise my favourite palette I own, not that I own that many. The palette contains purples reds and variations of brown which is great to have if you're going to buy more autumn themed clothes as it gets colder out.


 The palette contains ten colours and they're all very autumnal colours and they're all so pretty and easily wearable. It doesn't come with a mirror which is a shame but I'm still really obsessed with it. It cost me about twenty six euro with postage so depending on where you live it could cost more or less, either way it's really reasonable.

The colours swatched above are the first five colours in the palette in the top row. The shades are very nude and neutral. The first two are very pale and subtle, the middle one is my favourite and it's a red and the last two are similar browns, one matte and one shimmer. 

This swatch is of the second row, in reverse order to what they should be. This row has shimmery gold, which is gorgeous, more matte browns, a shimmery purple and black. I really like every colour but the only problem I have with them is that they don't blend the best. It takes a little bit longer to blend it out across your lid than other shadows I have, I think it's because they are pigmented really nicely.

My favourite shade on the whole palette and the colour that really sold this palette for me was Warm Notes. It's a deep sparkly burgundy red, on it kind of looks like a brown but with more colour. I thought this shade would look super good in the winter especially because I wear shades like this on my lips all the time it's about time I wear it on my eyes.

Another two colours I've been loving are Subtle Blends and Infusion. Subtle blends is a really flattering shimmery gold and Infusion is a black with gold glitter infused in it, I love it.
All the shades in the palette are so easy to wear and I'll most likely have them on in some variation all throughout autumn and winter. 

Anyone tried any other Zoeva products before and love them?


  1. This look so pretty, I love the shimmery gold one omg! and a beautiful packaging as well, will add this to my autumn wishlist! thanks for sharing :)


    1. They're all so pretty! Me too, it's such a great palette! No problem, thanks for the comment! :)

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  2. I love the variety of colors! They still seem like they'd work well together as well. Warm Notes is so gorgeous, it reminds me of Orgasm, but for your eyes!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Yeah they all compliment each other really well! I agree, It's such a unique colour and so pretty! :)


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