Milkmaid Braids

During the winter and windy months I find it so hard to look after long hair. The wind and weather makes it get all knotty and sore so I find the best option to be tying it up. I'm not the biggest fan of just throwing my hair up into a pony tail as I have way too many baby hairs sticking out for it to look remotely nice. The only thing for me to do then is find different creative up styles.

The milkmaid braid is one I was introduced to by Zoella, even though I couldn't do it for ages even though I had watched the tutorial and all. I've been complemented about this look and it looks super complicated even though it isn't. I think it looks stylish and elegant and I kinda think it looks like a winter-y hairstyle, I have no idea why though. 

How To Do

  • This look is super easy to do, once you've tried it at least once you'll be flying. First split your hair whatever way you want it, the side or in the middle. I usually part it at the side to have a side fringe kinda pinned down underneath it but either way works. 
  • Then plait your hair into braids on both sides of your head. I plait them holding them a little bit upwards so they can be pinned to your head not looking so lumpy.
  • Next you want to pull one of the braids from one side of your head to the other at about your ear, then clip it into place. Do the same with the other plait and tuck it underneath the previous one.
  • Keep putting bobby pins and clips in your hair until it looks alright and feels secure. 
I think it works well in my hair with my ombre, so you can see the contrasts in the two colours but I know it would be flattering to anyone. The only downside is that you need long enough hair in order to be able to do it properly, which mine has only grown long enough recently to suit. 

Has anyone tried this look before?

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