Vintage Tartan Skirt | OOTD

It was super windy and cold out but I still decided to wear a skirt, which is not something I'd normally do, like ever. There's something about oversized / normal sized jumpers paired with a skirt which is just so wintery and christmassy and I'm ready to embrace the christmas spirit. 

I actually robbed this skirt straight out of my mother's wardrobe, okay well she gave it to me after asking. She used to wear it when she was my age, which is crazy to think that it's older than me and also that it fits me so well. I'd been looking for a tartan skirt like this one for ages and I think it's so cute and it definitely reminds me of something I should be wearing on christmas day. I paired it with a plain black Topshop jumper to keep warm and make the skirt stand out a bit more, This has made me want more skirts that I can wear in the winter time, I'm now on the hunt for a nice a-line skirt that I can wear during the cold months.

 Anyone else have vintage clothes like this?


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    1. Thank you! I already follow your blog! :)