Favourite Winter Lipsicks

Winter is my favourite season as I can wear dark lipsticks everyday and they make every look super cute. I am a huge ambassador for dark reds and berry toned lipsticks, and tend to buy too much of them. I think they help pull a look together, make you look more elegant and also effortless, I don't look like that a lot though. There's something about a dark lip that's really cozy feeling, I'm good with the descriptions here. So I thought I'd make a post on my most worn winter lipsticks right now.

Two of the shades I've chosen are deep red and the other two are a plum and a red with hints of purple undertones. The lipsticks are Rimmel London Kate Moss 01 and 107, and Revlon Super Lustrous 477 and 006. I am pretty much obsessed with all these lipsticks and would recommend them all.

  • The furthest to the left in the last picture and darkest is Revlon Super Lustrous 477 Black Cherry. It's probably my all time favourite lipstick ever. I lived in it last Winter/Autumn and it's practically the same this year. It leaves your lips a gorgeous plum deep red and suits dark and light style make up. The lipstick has long wear but I do find with dark lipsticks you'll want to top them up much more than a more subtle one, just to keep the effect lasting longer. 
  • The next lipstick is one of the most talked about in the blogging/vlogging sphere, Rimmel London Kate Moss 107. It's both bright and dark red at the same time with pink/purple undertones which just suits everything and is flattering with everything. You can't go wrong with this lipstick if you're ever stuck for choice. 
  • The last two are plain red lipsticks and are kind of similar. The Rimmel London Kate Moss 01 is a vibrant dark red, which is perfect for party season to pair an outfit with a staple red lip. The colour is moisturizing and shiny and gives a nice glow to your lips. 
  • The last lipstick is another Revlon Super Lustrous, I do love sticking to the same brands it seems, in the shade 006 Really Red. It is what I'd call really red, it's like the most perfect pure shade of red. I love this lipstick because it's matte and it really suits the colour well and makes it super flattering. It is really similar to the previous lipstick I've mentioned but it's a litlle darker.

The swatches, in order, are Revlon 477 Black Cherry, Rimmel London Kate Moss 01, Rimmel London Kate Moss 107, and Revlon 006 Really Red.

 What's everyone's favourite Winter lipsticks?

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