Hazelnut Hot Chocolate | Favourite Winter Drink

This is probably the simplest post ever but I got the cutest little mugs for my birthday and wanted to do something cute with them. Since I drink so much coffee and hot beverages, especially in the Autumn/Winter, I wanted to try and save money by not buying so much Starbucks, which is ironic because I'm here right now. I wanted to be able to make really nice flavoured coffee and hot chocolate at home without having to come into town.


This post isn't very exciting, I basically made hot chocolate. I heat the milk first until I think it's warm enough, then put three to four scoops of Cadburys hot chocolate powder in and stir. For this I bought Starbucks Hazelnut syrup because I always get flavoured hot chocolate in Starbucks so I thought I'd get use out of it. I put enough of it it that it would fill the bottom of the cup, it doesn't say how much you should use so. Then I put marshmallows in, whipped cream and more marshmallows. Sounds so healthy. You can put chocolate powder on top to make it look fancier if you want too.

The syrup tastes so good, it's really strong too so I might be putting too much in. I bought it for 5.10 euro which isn't too bad, it'll probably last me a good while. It's such a good addition to a hot chocolate especially if you're into hazelnuts or sweeter things. They have a range of different flavours like Vanilla and Caramel too.

What's everyones favourite Autumn/Winter beverage? 

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