Imagine Dragons | Dublin Concert

Another concert post of this year, how strange of me, I was really spoiled with great artists coming to Ireland this year! I wasn't the biggest Imagine Dragons fan, but my mother is so I did listen to them a lot and really enjoy their stuff. So obviously when you're asked do you want to see them live the answer would of course be yes. Which was a good idea because now I'm an even bigger fan of their work.

I was front row balcony, how lucky? The venue was the 3Arena an it was completely sold out, which is a crazy amount of people, not sure exactly how many though. They played a mix of their two albums and all their best hits. They were honestly so much better live then in their recordings, I've no idea how but they are all super super talented.


I hate the fact I haven't got a proper camera for events like this. They had super cool effects that would look so good in photos. They opened the show with 'Shots' which isn't my favourite song but it was so energetic and got the crowd so hyped. I've never seen such an energetic crowd, which is so weird considering I didn't think Imagine Dragons were that popular. The lead singer, Dan Reynolds, dedicated a little speech on the events that occurred in Paris a few weeks back which was nice of him. He then covered a song I'd never heard before and also covered 'Forever Young' which made me realize that I actually like that song, when before I thought it was super overrated. 

After every few songs, each member of the band would do a solo, like guitar or drum solo, which would then lead into one of their songs. I thought this was a nice way to show how not only the lead singer of a band is important and it shows how equal they all are, which is one of the first times I've seen that in a big band. I was sad that they didn't play my favourite song 'It comes back to you' in full because I was looking forward to it.  They played almost all of their songs and played their most famous like 'Demons', 'It's time', and 'I bet my life'. The crowd was going absolutely crazy. 

They finished the show off with their most popular song 'Radioactive', which was the first song I'd heard from them. They all did this massive drum contemplation during the bridge of the song too which reminded me of Twenty One Pilots performances. 

They were so amazing live and I'd definitely recommend listening to them/seeing them live. Their songs are so upbeat and cheerful. 

Has anyone ever seen them live before or listen to them?

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