Marina and the Diamonds | Neon Nature Tour

Last Wednesday I got to see my ultimate favourite artist ever, Marina and the Diamonds. I've been a huge Marina fan since I went to see her first with a friend in 2012. I've been obsessed ever since. Everything about her music and lyrics is just so appealing to me and her voice is so heavenly. Since this post just involves me talking about her it's probably going to be a long enough one, I have a lot of Marina knowledge and fangirl in me.

The first song I'd ever heard by Marina and the Diamonds was on MTV's 'ones to watch' segments where Lana Del Rey was also featured. It was her song 'Hollywood' and I admit I did like it but I didn't think too much about the artist but after hearing songs like 'Teen Idle' and 'Buy the Stars', her less pop-electro songs, I became so addicted to her stuff. Then I got into her Bubblegum/Pop/Electronic stuff. 

Her show was split into three acts based on all three of her albums in the order she released them, depicting the main imagery and vibes from these albums. She opened with her first album, 'The Family Jewels' and sang her most popular songs from the album, including my favourite from the album 'Obsessions'. She played this on piano and she sounds exactly her recordings, which just proves how amazing her vocals are.

She then performed songs from her 'Electra Heart' era, the one I know the best. Most of her most famous songs are on the 'Electra Heart' album so she played songs such as 'Primadonna girl' and 'How to be a Heartbreaker'. She also played two of my favourites, what songs aren't my favourites at this stage, 'Lies' and 'Teen Idle'. I was so surprised that she played 'Teen Idle' as it wasn't on her playlist. Is it sad for me to say I cried? It's such an emotional song. Give it a listen if you hadn't already. I think she played that instead of 'Radioactive' because she tweeted prior to the show saying her set didn't fit the stage so obviously things had to be changed slightly, not that I wasn't happy.

Her last set was her most recent era, 'Froot', the time of the show where she wears a giant piece of fruit on her head, like a majority of people in the crowd actually. She played the most songs from this album as it's the most recent. Obviously she played 'Froot', her quirkiest song yet I think. My favourites from the album, 'Savages' and 'Happy' got played too. I don't think I dislike any of her songs so I'm kind of biased here. Her show wasn't flashy at all and she still put on the most amazing show ever. I knew the words to every song too which definitely makes everything so much more enjoyable to bop along to. 

I honestly can't recommend her music enough, definitely check her out if I've intrigued you in a anyway. I've put a link under every song I've mentioned in the post for you to check out whichever one seems interesting. She has a variety of different styles of songs so I'm sure there's at least one to suit everyone. You'll thank me later. 

Is anyone a fan of Marina or has seen her live before? Let me know!

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