Charity Shop Finds

If you asked me more than a year ago to go buy clothes out of a charity shop, I would've looked at you like you were crazy. I just had it in my head that none of the clothes in there were good quality, I was wrong. Recently I've been going to look in charity shops to see what they have because sometimes they have really surprisingly good things and other times just have nothing I'd wear. I've bought a few things from different charity shops recently and thought I'd share them to show that you can find cool things for really cheap. It's a cheap way to buy new clothes plus the money goes to charity, so you're also supporting a good cause (depending on the charity shop.) It's really a good way to support charities while also recycling clothes and reducing wastage.


We actually got this Lacoste polo shirts at different times in different charity shops. I got mine first. If we wore these out at the same time I'm sure we'd get a slagging but oh well. I'd been looking for a polo shirt for a while and this baby pink one was so me. It was only three euro as well, talk about a bargain. The black men's one was only five euro too which is such a deal as you can get these online for around seventy euro.

 The next item I bought was this burgundy and beige jacket. It was only four euro and had some holes in the pockets but I can't really complain at that price, it's pretty easy just to sew it up. I really like this jacket and it's easy to throw over anything. Where else can you get a jacket for four euro?

I really like owning stuff that isn't new because it feels like it already has a story behind it, how cool is that?

If you've never really bought anything from a charity shop why not give it another go and explore some more? You could be surprised by what you might find.

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