A Place to Think

For me, the ocean has always been a place to think. It's a place that always calms me and it's a place I wish I lived closer to so I could spend more time there by myself. I always feel at ease around the ocean, it's probably the waves that calm me or just the water itself. My dad always says that he thinks I'm some sort of mermaid because whenever he's with me and I'm near the ocean or in a swimming pool, I'm just happy.
I think it's the simplicity of the ocean and how clear it is just reminds me of simple things in life and how I need to clear my own mind to reflect this. Sometimes it's just hard to explain what I mean.
I took a trip to the beach twice in the past week and I feel like when I'm there everything just feels okay. It's like a safe place, even though I know it's such a dangerous place. It's quite a paradox.

While I want to talk about my love for the ocean, I also wanna bring up the issue of climate change. You're probably thinking, wow, could this post get any more boring but this is something I really think is important and I know everyone else should too. I'm putting it in this post to show how we as humans could ruin something so beautiful by negligence. Here I am talking about something that we can't control, yet we have the power to destroy it and so many other things. I wanna just make it a thought to people who wouldn't ever think about it. 
Looking after the environment is so important and I know people think it's such an effort to look after the earth, I have a life to live, but it's not that hard to conserve energy or go to two bins instead of one. There's not much one person can do about this issue but there is something we can do by spreading the word a little and become aware of the dangers of climate change or global warming. 
I don't want to be harsh about the effects of global warming but it not only damages our world but damages our future generations. It's not fair if we don't give our progeny the same chance in life as we have had and that they are exposed to all the harmful effects of climate change like water levels rising, forest fires, carbon emissions, gradual extinction of animals etc. 

I really hope if you read this that you want to research a little bit more about sustainable development so we can keep our planet clean and safe from destruction. It's really easy to recycle and cut down on our food wastage and energy consumption. I'm most certainly not qualified to teach anyone about this topic but I want people to be aware that it's important and seriously worth looking into.

 I just hope you give a little bit of thought into the fact that the earth needs looking after too and that we're not the only species on the planet that matters.


  1. I think it's great that you're trying to raise awareness!
    I totally agree that if we all do our bit then we can make a difference!
    It's scary to think how we're ruining the only place we have to call home.
    Great post :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. I'm happy to hear that you agree with me! It scares me to see how many people don't realize how big of an issue that climate change is, it's really sad :( It should be something that people take into account in their everyday lives and be aware of even.
      Thank you! :)