OOTD: Mom Jeans

I have no idea why I wanted a pair of Mom jeans for so long, they're called that right? They just looked so comfortable and stylish, even though they're widely considered unfashionable. They're not the most flattering trousers ever but they are comfy and they are very casual and easy to move in. I know most people wouldn't want a pair of them but I really like the vintage feel to them and the faded denim or acid wash that they usually come in.

Any jeans that are high- waisted are my thing. Usually I'd style these jeans with a longer shirt tucked in to give it the more vintage feel. I picked up the jeans in Tola Vintage's kilo sale last month after really wanting a pair. My pair are actually considerably large around my thighs but you can get variations of the style of jeans to suit you. My mother has already told me that it looks like I robbed her wardrobe from the 80's so I guess the whole vintage vibe is coming back again as I've seen so many people wear them recently too.
My pale pink top is from Topshop and it was 8 Euro. I love the style of it, it's a crop top but it's a long crop top which I think is super pretty, plus the pink is super cute. They have the shirt in almost every colour too.
My necklace is one I got in Spain a few years ago for 20 Euro, it's supposedly a real crystal but I'm not so sure but I still think it's simply pretty.
My shoes are Puma Suedes in black and white.

Anyone else own a pair of these jeans or have an opinion on them?

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