Thoughtful Spot: Following Your Dreams

What a cringe-y title, sorry. If it was something vaguer it would be too broad, so let's get on with the nonsense talk.
I'm feeling really conflicted about what to choose to do with my life, what a surprise. I've been accepted into a course that probably isn't the best one to choose but it's something I really want to do, even though there's plenty of other things I want to do. I'm torn between what I dream my future career being and actual practicality.

I want to study music but the actual practicality of that isn't very strong. Music isn't a proper career, as many people have said, but I really just want to do it because I enjoy it. I know if I go for it I'll enjoy it, with anything else is a risk in the enjoyment factor. I'm trying to weigh out the pros and cons of every decision I can take.
People are not the most helpful in my decision, bar one or two, it's so weird that I will probably look back at whatever decision I make and either regret it or not. I just wish I could feel supported in making a decision because I'm feeling that the 'stay safe' option is exactly what everyone wants me to do and I don't want to do exactly that, it doesn't feel like me. I just want to be happy and feel comfortable somewhere and do things because I want to and not feel pressure of people telling me to get things right and 'stick to the rules' with an average Joe life. It'll probably end up like that but can't a girl dream without being disheartened? 

Does anyone else have a dream that they feel like they can't go for or it's said that it's not possible?

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