I want to do more posts that are just based around pictures of places that I've been and have adventured too, how arsty of me. I don't exactly travel far or go to exotic places, I'm far too broke for that. I'm just really into taking pictures of things and interested in blogging little adventures.

Myself and Jack went on a little adventure to a park near my house. I really wanted to go rollerblading so that's what we did, even though he had a skateboard. We really are about five. The park is super pretty so enjoy some pictures of us trying to be cool.

Found this cute little flower shop on the way to the park and even though I never buy anything I literally always take photos, it's a problem.


I tried to Rollerblade for a little bit but the path became non existent so we just had to walk through the fields.

I could spend hours just sitting there beside the river. Some parts of the river are really calm and the rest are really rapid. We come here often just to chill and talk. It's pretty peaceful.

Is there a place any of you like to go just to take your mind off things or feel at peace in?

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