Thoughtful Spot: Time

Another thoughtful spot? Already? 
All I've been doing recently is thinking. I've had too much time to think, it's not that fun. The more I think about things the more I plan how my future should turn out, when in reality none of what I planned will ever work out. Things will work out in different ways than I've thought and me making this ideal world for myself will never happen. I plan things so far in advance when time changes everything.

Time is a weird thing. It doesn't really exist yet we all understand the concept. It's strange how if you're doing something you love time goes so fast, yet if it's something you're not a fan of, a minute can seem like an hour. I don't want my life not to be spent doing something I love but this also means I don't want time to go by so fast that somehow I'm in my thirties and have no idea where all the years have gone. I want to be able to enjoy every moment of my life and thinking that we never know when our last moment will enjoy will be is so terrifying.

I feel like I plan too far head and that the things I plan will never happen and I need to try and slow down time just to make sure I have enough in the end to do the things I want. Sometimes I just wish I could see the timeline of my life to see the way things work out and go so I can see what's important in the overall scheme of life and focus all my time on that instead. I'm afraid of wasting my time on things, exactly like right now, when I'm thinking too much about things that won't matter to me this time next week. What even is the concept of time? I don't even have enough time to think about it.

I know my posts don't make sense but this is exactly what the thoughtful spot is for, yay for ramblings.

Does anyone else ever feel like they don't have enough time for anything and don't know where it's going?


  1. Amazing post dear!

    1. Thank you, means a lot!