Lets Bring It Back: Nintendo Ds

For some strange reason, recently I've been playing my Nintendo Ds a lot. Back in 2005/2006 to like 2010 I was obsessed with my Nintendo. I used to play Pokemon games on it like 24/7, I was such a nerd.
My friends and I in the past month or so have had multiple occasions where we sit in a coffee shop and literally play Ds with each other, it's super cute. The Nintendo Ds is probably one of the best gaming devices out there, plus it's portable so play it on the go and with friends what's there not to love? The great thing playing this console again now is that all the games are really cheap now because no one wants them any more, so it's hours of more entertainment for me.

The main game I'd play with a group of people is Mario Kart or Mario Party, you can't go wrong with a classic Mario game. It's extremely fun and turns friends against each other during the games. It's weird how a simple racing game can be so fun and addictive, I always want to play it now, yet it's the same thing over and over. Everything about the game is just excellent and if you've never played it before, where have you been? 
Mario Party is just like Mario's take on the classic board game with extra mini games, it's full of fun and quirky games and different types of battles you can play.

A game that I'd play when I'm by myself and bored is another classic, Animal Crossing. It's basically the Sims but so much cuter. I'm currently trying to make my town presentable again as it's been overrun by weeds, the result of being absent so long. It's really fun when you're bored to decorate your own home, design and do things in your own little world you create. I liked the game so much I even have two of them so I could play the game again without restarting and deleting my old game data, I'm such a hoarder and I'm too sentimental but it's okay because now I can connect the two towns together.

Does anyone else have these games or remember playing them?

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