My Favourite Lipsticks: Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection

Whenever I need a new lipstick I always go to the same brand, Rimmel London. I have no idea why or how I got hooked on that exact one but I think they are just wonderful. I'm sure when I can afford more expensive lipsticks I'll love them, but this make up for me has always been cheap and cheerful. Rimmel London have such great products for cheap enough so I don't always see why I should spend an extra 20 euro on another product that does the same thing just as well, unless I was feeling adventurous of course.

Their lipsticks are long lasting, pigmented and they have a great range of choice in their lipstick collections and colour choices. Out of all the Rimmel Lipsticks I've had, the Kate Moss collection is my favourite by far.

From the pictures above;
  • The first one is in the shade 01.
  • Second is in the shade 02.
  • The third is in the shade 107.
  • Finally the last is in the shade 08.
The shade 08 and 107 are my favourite lipsticks ever. Number 08 is my go to lipstick for every day wear. It's basically the same colour as my lips only a little darker which gives them a bit more life and colour, while looking natural at the same time. My favourite thing about it is the fact that it could fade over time and not look tacky because it won't leave fade marks in the middle because it just looks like my actual lips.
I was in Boots today and saw that the Kate Moss Collection had released new nude colours similar to this shade. I'll most likely get some and blog about them another time because they look perfect for me.
Number 107 is my favourite lipstick to put on if I'm going out. It's the perfect blend of red and purple dark lipstick tones. It matches every outfit and I think it really suits me and most people I've seen wear it.

The swatches above are in the same order as the lipsticks I've named above.
The other two shades I own I don't wear as often. Number 01 is a perfect red colour which is really flattering and 02 comes out a vibrant pink colour which I don't think really suits me but I might try and pull it off again soon.

I'll probably own every shade in this collection soon enough because they just sit so well and all the colours are just the ones I want.

Does anyone else own any lipsticks in this collection or have tried them before?

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