OOTD: Black and White Stripes

If you know me then you'll know that I love shirts with stripes on them. I've no idea why, I just own a wide variety of striped shirts and just keep continuing to buy more. I think they are such a flattering shirt on anyone and that everyone should at least have one variation of a striped shirt in their wardrobe. I feel like they just really suit me and they are a nice casual outfit, plus it goes with everything really, depending on the stripe. Black and white horizontal stripes are usually my forte even though I've been told they're meant to 'make you look wider' but I don't think they do, they're just so flattering. Look at me getting so enthusiastic talking about my love of stripes. They're just timeless okay?

My room is looking well and I couldn't get the red eye corrector to work so I look like the devil, just some excuses from me, ignore them. This is a really typical outfit for me though.
  • Striped shirt is from Penneys for four euro, how could you say no? The fit is perfect and I really love it.
  • Jeans are from Bershka, where I normally buy jeans, it's going to become redundant to put it in so many blog posts, but I know it will happen. 
  • Boots are from Penneys too, as you can tell I'm a really high end shopper.
Anyone else think stripes are flattering or have any in their wardrobe?


  1. Hahaha I have a friend who is exactly the same! Loves stripes - and have on in every single style imaginable.
    I like stripes as a friend.
    Is that a Superman Mat or is it painted on the floor? It looks awesome.
    Kelsey x

    1. None of my friends understand my thing for stripes, so tell your friend she's awesome!
      I think I own every single type of striped shirt there is, it's weird hahaha.
      Yeah it's a mat and thank you! :)

      -Leigh eternalleigh.blogspot.com